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By | November 17, 2018

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Spytech SpyAgentSpytech SpyAgent is an award-winning & powerful computer spy software that enables you to monitor the everything users do on your computer in total secrecy. SpyAgent provides the vast array of the essential computer monitoring features & as well as website & application content filtering, chat with client blocking, lockdown scheduling, & remote delivery of logs via email or FTP. SpyAgent’s innovative & easy to use feature-set is the unmatched & provides the ultimate all-in-one computer monitoring software package. The interface with this program is not only searching that is nice also well organized, with all commands easily accessible with a couple of ticks. Each component has its tile reserved on the screen that is primary by choosing any one of them you may be in a position to view the logs. Spytech SpyAgent is prepared with numerous tools that work together to supply you with everything required to keep a close eye on the actions that happen on a workstation that is checked. Capturing the desktop activity and screenshots which can be taking regular time intervals can be possible, and there are several chat clients and social services that may be checked as well.

Another neat ability of this program may be the site function that is blocking lets you restrict the use of web pages that contain some of the keywords you choose. In case you desire to go for any stealthy approach, SpyAgent will run into the background, and you may manage to carry it up only by pressing crucial dedicated combination & providing the access password you set on the run that is first. It has been in the marketplace for over 15 years; this means we now have had plenty of some time feedback to produce a computer that is the incredibly refined solution.Block Unwanted Websites, Applications, Chat clients, and Keywords. Receive instant alerts via Email whenever tasks that are unwelcome. Generate top-10 that is comprehensive Reports detailing user activities, search logs for keywords, and archive logs for future viewing and review. Invisibly record all user activities on your desktop without users once you understand. Invisible log and program files; Password safeguarded so only you can control monitoring and view logs.

Spytech SpyAgent Key Features:

Web Chat Conversations:

  • Monitor and log both relative sides of most chat conversations made on the chat clients. Supported all clients include the latest versions of AOL (including 9.0 & Optimized), AOL Instant Messenger, AIM, Yahoo Messenger, Excite Messenger & GoogleTalk, Skype, XFire, & ICQ.

E-mails Sent and Received:

  • Monitor and log all emails received and sent to users of one’s computer! All SMTP and messages that are POP3 recorded for later watching. Attachments are logged as well.

Application Use:

  • Monitor and log all applications went by users – SpyAgent logs when the application form had been started, stopped, and exactly how long it was used. Users cannot fool SpyAgent by merely opening a scheduled system and making it running in the background – SpyAgent will discover how long the program had been used. You Can Also Download Advanced System Protector 2.3.1000.23665 Crack Now

Spytech SpyAgent windowsSound-triggered Microphone Audio Recording:

  • Log sounds occurring around your computer, along with chat conversations, together with your computer’s microphone. SpyAgent will just trigger recording that is audio sounds meet or exceed your configured volume threshold.

Computer Usage Logging:

  • Log just how users which can be very long active, and inactive during each computer session. Logs show whenever each meeting started, and whenever it ended.

Webcam Capture Recording:

  • Log images captured from your computer’s cam, enabling you to see what is occurring around your computer at all times. Captured pictures can back be played via SpyAgent’s built-in slideshow viewer. screenshot

Internet Connections:

  • Monitor and log all sessions that are internet on the PC. This includes all FTP, HTTP, POP3, Chat Messenger, and just about any TCP connections.

Online Traffic Data:

  • Monitor and log all traffic that is the internet that is sent and received by the computer. This information includes emails, website demands and contents, FTP sessions, passwords, chat conversations, and more. Files downloaded and uploaded
  • Log files users upload and download via the web, email, and FTP. All file transfers are the user that performed the transmission, where they downloaded from/uploaded to, and whenever. Content-type can sort file transfer logs for convenient log viewing.

Files System Usage:

  • Log all file system task. All file customizations, creations, and deletions are logged by the best time of the event, and also the user who executed them. File events that take an accepted spot on portable/removable drives may also be recorded.

Files/Documents Accessed:

  • Log all records and papers opened from within the Windows Explorer. The log viewer is provided links to documents seen.

Files/Documents Printed:

  • Log all records and documents printed by users of your Computer. Logs include the paper published, who wrote it, just what printer was used, when.

Window and Mouse Activity:

  • Log all windows where the user directly interacts on the desktop, along with mouse actions.

Additional Benefits:

Log File Encryption:

  • SpyAgent has a built-in encryption option that enables you to have all your activity that is spent logs so others cannot stumble across SpyAgent’s logs or read them without making use of SpyAgent’s protected log viewers.


  • SpyAgent can run entirely in stealth; that is, it is practically undetectable towards the user. SpyAgent will NOT show up into the task manager under 32-bit Windows – at all. SpyAgent does perhaps not can be found in the registry and Windows startup utilities while it is running, either.

Safety Settings:

  • Toggle windows that are different settings to make it harder for users to locate and bypass SpyAgent – such as the capability to disable the device clock’s time/date settings, or even to access the Windows, task manager.

Log File Backdating:

  • SpyAgent can be configured to backdate all log files it produces so that they are indeed that they appear older. That may make it impossible for the users to find log files by doing system queries for many recently modified data.

Spyware Detector Disabling:

  • Configure SpyAgent to disable popular spyware detectors which will interfere or detect running that is spent.

Spytech SpyAgent 9.20.18 Crack Download Now

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